Hello, my name is Shadia Elamin. I have been a model since I was twelve. Today, I will demonstrate to you a few helpful tips on how to pose for pictures. My primary focus is to provide a service that will put a smile on everyone’s face. I believe performing anything well is a goal of every human being. For this reason, I want to guide you in becoming almost perfect in all photo shoots whether for a fashion model, commercial model, or actor headshot.

I want to share with you these basic principles for photo techniques. I have learned to generate these after I mastered the very basics of lots of poses. These poses helped me succeed in my modeling career. They encouraged me to position and control my body movement during headshots, portraits, commercial prints, editorial fashion, and catalogs.

Watch me with this valuable guide and learn techniques for photo poses that I have done during my career. I am going to explain to you how I learned to align my body in a stable place to have complete mobility to move it easily from one angle to another. Once you have learned these techniques, you are on your way to achieving your goal and you will never run out of poses. These poses can be learned like anything in life if you put in extra effort and practice. I can assure you that in seventy-two sessions of practicing, you will be able to grasp the poses and gain the confidence to strike the best poses that you have ever dreamed of doing in your lifetime.


See me in this video; how I position and coordinate head, neck, shoulders, hands, hips, and legs. The combinations are endless if you understand the basic principles. You will have an unlimited source of inspiration to create natural and graceful poses. Always have the head with the chin rotated to side, avoid looking nervous especially around your face. Face the camera then look forward and back away from the camera. Rotate your hips and shoulders symmetrically with each other. This will enable you to complement the attractive parts of your body and minimize the unflattering parts of your body. Remember to think about something that makes you feel relaxed so you can give a graceful pose. For example, poses for headshots are taken close-up to the face. Therefore, it is important to be relaxed especially from head to shoulders and look straight into the camera as if you were speaking about a mystery waiting to be revealed. These shots are used for acting jobs.

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