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From an early age, Shadia anticipated she would have to struggle to achieve her dreams. She was born into an Arabian-African family and raised in a strict Muslim environment in the Sudan. Her passion for the arts, fashion, and films were considered taboo, but they practice spiritual ceremonies that are like theater performance. Nonetheless, she knew she had to follow her dreams. As a teenager, she was drawn to the fascinating drama of Bollywood movies and watched as many Western movies as she could find. The films influenced her desire to become a model, actor, and director. She admired elegant fashion styles and designed her own clothing, using fabrics such as silk, satin, and lace. Her creative and stylish mother inspired her to be innovative in the world of fashion and beauty enhancement while her father, a major in the Army, taught her the power of discipline and perseverance. She stepped out into the world with the lessons she learned from her parents.

Shadia knew she wanted to make a place for herself in the fields of fashion, beauty enhancement and films. Her unique heritage made her an uncommon beauty. As a teenager, she had photos taken in Sudan and published in America. This prompted the Sudanese police to confiscate the photographs. She quickly learned that in the Sudan, it was illegal for women to pursue a career in the fashion, beauty, and media industries. Women who did so risked imprisonment. To follow her dreams, Shadia had to leave her country. She moved to London where she began modeling. Soon, photographers from all around the world offered her opportunities as a print and runway model.

After she turned twenty-two, she relocated to the United States where she worked as a model and actor. Simultaneously, she went to school to earn her cosmetologist and esthetician licenses. She became a highly respected Seasonal Color Analyst and Total Image Consultant. Her incredible interests have allowed her to work with implacable companies including Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder In New York, Harrods, Selfridges in London, and the Paris Gallery in Dubai. She is an image consultant for some of the world’s most sophisticated individuals, including Princess Alsheika Wadima, the daughter of the founder of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan.

Currently, Shadia is living in New York City. After finishing her education in film and television at City University of New York, she is writing a memoir and a screenplay focusing on the extraordinary challenges she had faced while growing up in the Sudan and the adventures that led her to Europe and finally to her second home in the United States. Despite being so far from the Sudan, Shadia still shares her mother’s holistic and imaginative approach to skin care. In 2008, she founded her own perfumes and beauty enhancement company called Shadia Elamin International LLC, which provides unique perfumes, skin care and hair care products. Then in 2020 Shadia founded SE Shadia Elamin Intrepid Film Production LLC, which undertakes films, commercials, videos, product photography, portraits, editorials, headshots, location scouting, and photoshop. Through her two companies based in New York and her success as an actor, model, and businessperson, Shadia continues to inspire some of the world’s greatest film and television directors, photographers, actors, and designers while maintaining a global clientele for her beauty enhancement services and products.

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SE Shadia Elamin Intrepid Film Production LLC based in New York does films, commercials, videos, product photography, portraits, editorials, headshots, location scouting, and photoshop. Client satisfaction is important to us. We do what needs to be done to fulfill our client requirements.

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