Tips For Make-up:

Nowadays, all the photographers use the digital camera to take photos due to this reason you must use suitable make-up for the camera so you can avoid excessive photo retouching.

Tips For Skin Care Products:

It is very important to use immaculate skin care products for your skin type with a scent which helps you get into an extraordinary mood. The scent will help you to be peaceful and serene so you can create the perfect feelings for the shots. Here is a hint for you! Let me tell you what happened to my face. Because of the use of harsh and unsuitable cosmetics for my skin type, I developed unbearable blemishes which caused me to develop clogged follicles that blocked my pores and gave me a condition called Milia or whiteheads. This condition looks and feel like grains of sands under the skin. This is a disorder of the sebaceous oil glands, it is an accumulation of dead, keratinized cells and sebaceous matter trapped beneath the skin. It may occur on any part of the face and occasionally on the chest, shoulders and back. As a result, of having these awful blemishes, I had to spent a great deal of time in researching and testing many products to find a solution to prevent this disorder. At last, I had developed a new product that works well for me, it is called “Miraculous Purity and Miraculous Unity Brilliant Brands,” by Shadia Elamin. I want you to know me besides being a model and actress, I am a Skincare Specialist, Licensed Cosmetologist, Estheticians and Certified Total Image Consultant. My specialty is the study of skin disorders and also chemical ingredients of products for all skin types. Let me explain to you, the skin is the largest and is the most important organ of the body; it performs many vital functions required for health and attractiveness. Usually, healthy skin is slightly moist, soft, flexible, mildly acidic and free from blemishes and diseases. The skin has immunity responses to any organisms which comes in touch with it. Its texture is revealed by feel and an appearance that is smooth and fine. A person with a good complexion has fine skin texture and a healthy skin color. The function of the Miraculous Purity Brilliant Brand cream is to protect the surface of the face from all the environmental residues especially from harsh products that cause congestion in the pores. The cream is created specifically to cover the top outermost layer of the epidermis or scarf of the skin. This foundation is made of a mineral base that provides transparent coverage with three benefits which are serum, moisturizer and primer. It gives the face a timeless glow and provides miraculous protection to its surface. Miraculous Purity Brilliant Brand products are made for all skin types, complexions and skin of all ages. In addition, use a cleanser for your skin type and follow a good diet. Also, drink a lot of water and maintain a clean face with a suitable cleaner and exfoliator..