Tips for Commercial/Editorials

Tips For Commercial Print

Poses for a commercial print are like beauty shots but there is a slight difference. Commercial shots are used for specific products like toothpastes, pharmaceutical products, hair, nails and so on. In this case, you can have a soft look, big smile to show teeth or no teeth at all, it depends on the product. Use facial gestures if necessary; look happy, innocent, inquisitive, thoughtful, or snarky. Let your source of imagination help you find the right pose. It is also particularly important to follow the photographers’ directions as they will guide you to the right pose for the products.

Poses for editorial fashion or catalog shots: This features clothing that can be for high fashion, like Saks 5th Avenue Department Store, Victoria Secret, or anything down to earth like Target. Since the focus is clothing, you need to show off the body to complement the clothing. It may involve playing with clothing like putting your hand on the collar, holding the jacket open or putting your hands in your pocket. For high fashion quirky look think about the splitting pose, having fun jumping up and down like a careless happy kid but with purpose. This will work to create the right pose for the shots.

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